The gamble option


This is one of those slot tricks that cannot always be applied. You can only use it in those slots that have a gamble function. 

Do you see that little button in the image? Well, it is an option that allows you to gamble the prize you have won in a game that is usually double or nothing. However, you can also find examples that pay 4x the value of your bet, for example. 

The gamble option makes many players’ hearts… flutter. And the truth is that we can’t blame them. It’s hard to get a prize, and playing it double or nothing is a bit scary. Generally, the game consists of guessing the color of the next card to come out (red or black). If you are given the option to guess the deck, this is where the payouts of 4 times the original value of your bet come in.

Back to the previous point: gambling 20 coins is no big deal, but gambling 500 coins on a single decision is a different story! The reward is high, we are talking about 1,000 or even $2,000 coins! But losing 500 of them is no laughing matter. Decisions, decisions…

Well, statistics tell us that it is always in the player’s interest to use the gamble option. You can still end up with no balance, but your chances of getting a substantial prize are much higher than the previous strategies to win at the slots. 

The thing would go like this: 

  • You choose a small amount, according to your budget and the time you expect to play. For example, if you have 1,000 coins and you want to play for an hour, which would be about 1,000 spins, then make a base bet of 1 coin.
  • You always play with that base bet, and every time you win, you hit gamble. 
  • If you lose, bad luck. 
  • If you double and the amount is respectable, you collect and write that money aside. And you continue playing normally. 
  • If you double and the amount is insufficient, and the game allows you to double again several times, you double until you lose or the prize is worth collecting. 



The secret to know how to win at slot machines is to know how to walk away, either by getting up from your seat in front of a physical slot machine or by simply taking your eyes off the screen in the case of PlayUZU or any other online casino.  

The above strategies and points will help you, of course. All these slot tricks improve your odds, volatility, and the value of the prizes. But what differentiates the winners from the losers is not so much the strategy they follow. It’s the moment they leave the table, or turn off their cell phones. 

The mistake too many players make is that they want to bite too high. They want to fly up to the sky to touch the sun, like Icarus. And the wax wings of these players are the statistic: the casino’s edge works against you. The longer you play, the more your game will resemble statistical reality – in the end, you have to lose! 

So, learn to recognize the lucky streaks, and run away while you can!

learn to recognize the lucky streaks

When, by employing the slot machine winning strategies explained above, you manage to win substantial money, withdraw it from your PlayUZU account and enjoy it – after all, that money is all yours!

When you go through one of those spells where you win quite a few spins in sequence, and you’ve gone over your initial budget, stop as soon as you lose! Or at least switch to another slot that catches your eye – trust us when we tell you that there are more slots with your favorite theme in our New World of Gaming, and some of them even have a higher RTP than the one you were playing!

In slots you have a 3% to 8% chance of winning something: if you have a good streak and the machine is already “hot”, it’s going to be difficult to repeat it for a long time.  

Never extend the streak too much waiting for a millionaire: it won’t work for you. Retiring on time, with some money in your pocket, is already a profit. Dreaming of doubling that prize once again… usually means losing. 

And here we have come looking for how to win at slot machines, be it PlayUZU’s or elsewhere, right? 

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