Best Sports to Bet

What are the Best Sports to Bet on? Full Guide

Sports betting allows you to wager on over 1000 different sports cutting across multiple markets with various betting options. Count how many sports there are in the world, and you may know about the opportunities in Sportsbet. 

In this guide, we’d discuss the best sports to bet on and increase your chances of winning. Of course, people have different opinions on what sports they consider the best. While everyone is entitled to their views, we’d prove with data which sports have the best betting opportunities. 

When it comes to the best sport with the best opportunities for gamblers, it is none other than- Football, the most watched sport in the world. According to data from 22Bet, 40% of all the income generated via gambling comes from football.

Football has the largest fan base in the world, and people of every race, religion,  and culture find it fun to bet on this sport. The rave about football has led to the emergence of Sports gambling sites where fans can come and enjoy gambling on what they are passionate about.

Unfortunately, watching football regularly doesn’t translate into being a good football gambler. Even if you have enough knowledge about football teams, coaches, strategies and tactics, you still need to master the art of football betting.

Fortunately for football experts, knowing the ins and outs of the sport will only make you a beer bettor. However, memorizing players’ stats and referee’s names will come in handy when you intend to bet on football and will eventually be your greatest advantage when gambling. No knowledge is ever wasted, you know.

To start betting, what you have to do first is to sign up with your favorite Sportsbook. Then, shop for the best, read reviews online and do a little research before choosing what Sportsbook to bet at.

Registering is straightforward and will only take a few minutes- fill in your name and email, and create your username. You might also be required to provide some documents for verification when necessary. Once you have, your account should be up and running.

You can begin placing bets when your account is up and running. When you head to your betting site, it looks a little busy- one thing that makes football betting more exciting; is the availability of multiple markets.

Notable Football Bet Markets are;

Football Bet Markets
  • First goalscorer: bet on the first player to put the ball in the net.
  • Both teams to score: Bet on games that won’t end in a goalless situation. 
  • Double Chance: Bet on a team to win, lose or draw.


  • Extensive market with hundreds of betting options 
  • Bookmakers have and offer various competitive odds.
  • Prediction is easier than in other sports, especially with good football knowledge. 


  • The availability of multiple options to choose from might make it overwhelming to make decisions.

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